One-minute game time for entertainment and engagement

What do children love doing when they are free? They love playing games. Now, despite having plenty of games at home, have your children ever complained that they are bored? That’s natural and happens because most of us, especially children do not have a long attention span.

Children are inherently curious and highly energetic. They love goofing around and exploring new things. That’s why they tend to lose interests in activities and games after a certain period of time. At Presidency, we decided to remedy that by coming up with fun one-minute games. These games are highly engaging and capture children’s attention through and through. Furthermore, these are challenging at a mental and physical level, contributing to skill-development.

Recently, we conducted a few highly entertaining and fascinating one-minute games such as:

  1. Ball Game: This simple game engaged children physically. They had the task of filling bowls with balls and collecting as many balls as possible. Children making the most rounds in the timeframe of one minute win the game.
  2. Arranging A-Z: This may seem very easy but not when you have to do it in one minute! We used disposable glasses for this game. Each glass had an alphabet letter on it. The children had to stack the glasses in the right order as fast as possible.

Sai Vishruth, Arushi, Aareez, Sai Siri, Hanzala, and Nasrulla were among the most active and enthusiastic kids. We are so glad that everyone contributed and enjoyed themselves until the last second.

Games and activities like these keep children on their toes and enable them to understand themselves better. It is very important that we consistently conduct such games and we at Presidency aim to do it at regular intervals.

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