Show and Tell – An important step towards developing communication skills

The art of expression is one of the biggest things that sets us apart from all the other beings. Being able to communicate and express exactly how we feel or what we are thinking is a blessing. It brings us closer to each other.

Throughout our lives, our ability to communicate will influence many aspects of our life such as confidence, public speaking, understanding, and networking with various people around the globe. English, being a globally spoken language, must be learned right from day one.

Little kids are known to have amazing grasping capabilities and starting communication practice early will help them learn a language with ease. Further to that, we conduct multiple activities for them at Presidency High School. Show and Tell is one such activity. We hosted the activity on 24th November 2018, encouraging children to bring their favorite toy to school and to speak about it in front of their friends.

Eager and happy, children did complete justice to the event. They were delighted at the opportunity to showcase their favorite toy. They waited for their turn in excitement and listened patiently when their classmates were talking. Teachers did their part very well too, with charts and posters to bring life to the activity. Thanks to this event, children were able to discover their speaking abilities and nurture them. They also built their speaking skills, language skills, and emotional skills while having a lot of fun. Aaradhya G. was a clear example of this. She spoke extremely well about her toy crocodile. Sabika was enthusiastic about the entire activity, as were all the other children.

Tapping into creativity and social skills at an early age is paramount for children because it helps them find their voice even in tough situations. These soft skills come in handy at all points in life and we are doing everything possible to ensure that our kids at Presidency get the right start.

We thank all the parents for being so patient and cooperative at all times.

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