Pyjama Party – When school became super fun!

Children may not like the idea of getting into their pyjamas and going straight to bed at home but being able to wear pyjamas to school is a thrill that cannot be expressed in words. So, the cackles of laughter and screams of excitement as children walked into school with their favorite toys, in their pyajamas were quite expected!

On 24 November 2018, we at Presidency High School conducted a Pyjama Party for our PP1 children. The main aim of this event was to create a sleeping routine for them and to encourage them to stick to it. Usually, adhering to a sleep schedule is the biggest problem that parents and children go through. It is also quite neglected and that affects children’s health. That is why it felt like a good idea to make it easy through fun and play.

“We want to develop a routine before bedtime. That is the way their body will know when it is time for bed. We also want to encourage them to sleep more. It is very important for them to get used to sleeping early at a young age before it is too late. It is vital that children are taught the importance of sleeping, especially in this region.” Thrupthi, the Class Coordinator said.

After their morning sessions, all the children along with their teachers went to the Media Room where they started the party. We played songs for them to dance and sing along, and it was exciting how they were so happy! They also had popcorn to munch on and mango juice to sip throughout the event. Activities such as musical chairs and Show and Tell were major attractions that kept children entertained. After all the fun and games, children could go back home and sleep, happily exhausted.

Mrs. Jaya expressed that children must sleep before 9 pm every day but that’s not happening because of the Internet, TV, and other such distractions. Instead, if parents can encourage them to read, it will help them nurture their creativity and imagination. Through reading sessions, the entire family also comes together, strengthening the bond.

“Sleeping is very important, especially for the young as growth hormones increase in sleep,” Many doctors say. “Sleep-deprived children can be aggressive and very moody, affecting their school performance.”

Mrs. Jagruthi, the Academic coordinator added, “Activities that educate about and promote good sleep hygiene are important.Sleep disorders, which can sometimes start as early as age three, are common in childhood, and research shows that up to 25% of all children experience diverse sleep problems.”

We are glad that our Pyjama Party helped children and parents, both. We hope they follow their sleep schedule every day by learning about the importance of sleep. We thank all parents for their support and cooperation.

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