Paint your way to happiness!

Playgroup is a lot of fun!

Children explore new things, learn about the basics of various subjects, and discover new experiences. However, life at preschool doesn’t revolve around the names of colors, shapes, and letters. Life at preschool is about learning and laying the foundation for life!

At Presidency Kids, we ensure that we never limit our little ones. We always work towards engaging them in various activities that help overall growth and development. One such activity was Paint your Friend’s T-shirt. We conducted the fun event on 26 November 2018 as an exercise to teach them about colors and to nurture their creativity. The main aim was to introduce color theory and to experience textures. That is why, instead of using paper, we decided to use a solid surface. What’s more, the process is so much fun that children just lose themselves throughout.

By the time the activity was over, children were smeared with paint and the T-shirts came out looking amazing. They were so gleeful that they did not spare even the teachers! Sportingly, the teachers also joined in and allowed them to paint their dresses.

Togetherness, relationships, and emotions need to be fostered at an early age at home as well as at school. Letting children be themselves is paramount, and activities like these ensure just that! Plus, the T-shirts can be preserved as lifetime memories.

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