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Table setting plays a vital role in our daily life especially to keep us well organised. To make our kids develop good manners of arranging dining table at home we conduct Table setting Hands activity. We have conducted the activity on 16th Oct, where kids learned how to set a table. “I learned how to […]

Let’s Set the Table!

Treasure hunts are fun and are good brainfeeders. To make our little moppets more enthusiastic and curious we conduct ‘Treasure Hunt’ event every year. On 13th Sep 2017, we have conducted the event in our premises with fun and frolic. Kids searched and identified different objects hidden by their teachers with lot of excitement and […]

Treasure Hunt @ Presidency Kids

“Green is the prime color of the world, and that is from which its loveliness arises”. To enlighten the importance of greenery in our life we conduct Green Color Day event. On Sept 13th 2017, we have conducted Green Color Day in our premises. Kids got familiarized with green color by seeing the objects in […]

Green Color Day!

Blue is a cool and calm color that shows creativity and intelligence. It is the color of the sky and sea. To make our little kids be acquainted with the ‘color blue’, we conduct the ‘Blue Color day’. On 12 Oct 2017, we have conducted ‘Blue Color day’ in our campus. The classroom was decorated […]

Blue Color Day!

We are launching our Presidency Kids – Parent Mobile App for My Class Board (MCB) which brings all the information of your child at your fingertips with just one tap, making us more transparent and accountable. The mobile app will give parents access to all the information about their child’s academics like Attendance, Monthly Events, […]

Presidency Kids – Parent Mobile App goes live!

We proudly announce the launch of ‘Family FUN TIME’ program as an initiative to help our children become independent and create and cherish new memories. We will be sending a task from household chores, monthly, to be done by the children at home with parents. These tasks will be according to their age and classes […]

Family Fun Time!

“You don’t stop having fun when you get old, you get old when you stop having fun” -as someone said. To give parents of our kiddie-winks a chance to have fun and put a pause on their busy lives, we conducted a Parent Fun Evening where the parents and kids play games together. On 7th […]

Parents Fun Evening 2017

To make our kids come to know the importance of books and to express their feelings very clearly, we conduct the event ‘Book and a Character’. On 19th Aug we have conducted the event in our campus, where kids brought their favorite storybook and dressed up like a character in that story. They played a […]

Book and a Character!

Face painting is a funny way to dress up with no costumes required. To make our budding buds amuse we conduct ‘Funny Faces’ event, once in a year. On 14th July, we have conducted ‘Funny Faces’ event in our School, where kids and teachers enjoyed a lot. All the kids got painted their faces like […]

Funny Faces!