Daily Archives: September 21, 2017

To make our kids come to know the importance of books and to express their feelings very clearly, we conduct the event ‘Book and a Character’. On 19th Aug we have conducted the event in our campus, where kids brought their favorite storybook and dressed up like a character in that story. They played a […]

Book and a Character!

Face painting is a funny way to dress up with no costumes required. To make our budding buds amuse we conduct ‘Funny Faces’ event, once in a year. On 14th July, we have conducted ‘Funny Faces’ event in our School, where kids and teachers enjoyed a lot. All the kids got painted their faces like […]

Funny Faces!

Sandwich is a good idea of making our food without the need of heating.  To teach our kids about developing healthy food habits in place of junk food like french fries and noodles, we conduct Sandwich Day! On 19th of Aug, we have conducted the Sandwich Day event in our school premises, where students participated […]

Sandwich Day!

Orange is the color of joy! Orange is the blend of the Energy and Adventure in Red, with Cheerfulness in yellow, which radiates like Sunshine. Our tiny tots celebrated the colour through Orange Colour Day! On 2nd August, we have celebrated “Orange Day” in our school, where students and teachers dressed up in orange. Teachers […]

Orange Color Day!

  Doctors say, one cup of fresh lemon juice provides 187 percent of your daily recommended serving of vitamin C — take that, oranges! To make our little heroes develop good drinking habits and also to make them learn simple kitchen works, we conduct the event, lemonade day once in  a year.   On  2nd August, we […]

The Lemonade day