An event for the love of reading!

We all have different interests and tastes but some interests are unanimous – almost of us share them! Reading is one such habit. All our children at Presidency Kids simply love the idea of reading and entering different imaginary worlds. Of course, the niche they prefer may be different but love for books remains universal.

A parent of one of our students recently expressed, “Books are the plane, the train, and the road. They are the destination and the journey all at once. Your mind sinks into reading a book like one sinks into a dream. When I finish reading a good book, I feel so enlightened with what I have learned and dazzled by the magic that I experienced.” How wonderfully put!

At Presidency, we always take measures to encourage all our kids to read more and more, and we realize that the most crucial lessons must be taught when our children are toddlers. That is why conducted a fun event for Presidency Kids. On August 21, 2018, we invited our students to dress up as their favourite storybook characters.

On the day of the event, we saw superheroes, wizards, princesses, lions, and so many other characters come to life at Presidency Kids! From Cinderella to Spiderman, we were thrilled at the enthusiasm with which the parents and children prepared for the event. They also brought books of the character they were representing to the class. The staff members went ahead and read these books through the day. Some kids themselves narrated the entire story!

“It was a blast! There is so much creativity and obvious love for reading,” exclaimed a parent. Many parents also expressed gratitude and appreciated the amount of work that goes into conducting such events and ensuring that they are successful.

We are sure that the children, the teachers, and the parents had an amazing time at the event. We are glad that many children actively participated. We also thank all the parents for their continued support.

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