Learning is not just through books!

Gone are the days when education meant aggressive instructions and classroom sessions. Today, education is all about wholesome learning, which goes beyond textbooks. We are glad to bring to your notice that we include co-curricular activities within the main curriculum to help children learn in an interesting manner while exciting them about learning new things.

Every year, we conduct the Indoor Fun Carnival for Presidency Kids to further this mindset of holistic growth and development. In this carnival, our children play a number of fun games and activities that the administration plans along with the teachers. The main motto of these activities is social-emotional learning (SEL), which is a major part of growing up. The games were designed to improve academic performance and behaviour as well.

Here is what we did from September 4th to September 7th for Playgroup and Nursery students as we celebrated that Indoor Fun Carnival:

Jump and catch

You can’t use your hands in this game. It is all about jumping and grabbing rings with the mouth! Kids’ hands must be kept at the back as they try to grab hanging rings using nothing but their mouths. They should just keep jumping until they grab it!

Bounce the balls

Young kids love bouncing balls, don’t they? That is why we designed an entire game around it. We had a few coloured balls moving on a sheet, and the kids needed to bounce all balls together without any of them touching the floor.

Crawl and collect

We filled the classroom with multiple, differently-coloured balls and the kids were given the task of collecting as many balls as they could as they crawled through the classroom. The kid who was able to collect the maximum number of balls in his/her basket won.

Glass pyramid

Using disposable glasses, our kids made pyramids! It was tough initially because they needed to learn how to balance the glasses, but they did it very well in the end and were proud of their pyramids.

Hurdle race

Through the hurdle race, our children did what they always love doing – jumping and running! They jumped from tables and crawled under chairs & tables to have a lot of fun while improving their gross motor skills. At Presidency High School, we truly believe that learning must be fun and entertaining, and we do everything we can to incorporate co-curricular activities in the curriculum. We are glad our kids enjoyed the carnival.

For more photos, please visit: https://bit.ly/2Y18rOO