Blue Day – Celebrating the color of warmth and peace

It was a blue day indeed at Presidency Kids on Thursday, 4th October, when the kindergarten and Nursery teachers decided to celebrate the color blue. Experience and activity are the best way to help our children understand their lessons and that’s why learning about colors is always a celebration at our school!

The color blue is all about strength, friendship, calmness, and peace. It is a beautiful color that brings joy to little kids and adults alike. The teachers encouraged all children to wear blue colored clothes for the occasion and they seized the opportunity with both hands. Even the classrooms turned blue with blue balloons and other decorations.

Through the day, children learned to identify the many shades of blue. They also associated water with it and learned how important it is for life. Further into the day, children engaged in a fun hand-printing activity wherein they made tiny birds with their tiny hands!

Each child also brought blue colored objects from home such as a bag, dolphin, elephant, and other toys. They all explained their respective objects amidst shrieks of delight and enthusiasm.

It is always a lot of fun to work with kids and watch them as they learn new things but when we have special events like Blue Day, the energy levels are at their peaks and children thoroughly enjoy their time at school.

It is a pleasure to be the hosts of such amazing events every now and then, and we at Presidency Kids hope to keep making more lessons interesting like this.

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