Phonics Day – Bringing letters and sounds together

A major part of learning how to communicate is understanding how each letter sounds and mastering it. That’s how we start speaking and pronouncing words correctly. Phonics is where it all starts from!

With phonics, children can start reading quickly and flawlessly. They learn how to say words clearly and accurately without getting confused with the sound. Let’s take a look at how it really helps:

1. Every letter has a sound to it. We can learn how to spell only when we know how every letter sounds. We learn that with phonics.
2. Now, the sound that individual letters make may be different from the sounds that they make when they are combined with other letters. We learn about these sounds as well.
3. Finally, we learn how to string letters together to form words and say them correctly.

Once children learn the basics of phonics, they start applying their learnings to real life scenarios. Every time they come across a new word, they try saying it correctly on their own. This is where their reading journey begins!

To help our little ones start this beautiful journey, we celebrated Phonics Day on 17th September for PP2 children. Through the activity, they learned the basics of pronunciation, reading, speaking, and presentations. The teachers encouraged children to bring various objects to further enhance learning. What’s more, they sang rhymes and used different objects to explain the letter they were assigned. For example, little Maimoona spoke about the letter B and explained it using a book, bat, ball, and brinjal. Zain Abdullah was given the letter C and he spoke about it using crayons, cover, chocolate, coin, and candle.

Such activity-based approaches to learning have resulted in better understanding. Children are enjoying their time in class and are learning at a much better pace than usual. They are also interested in practising the lessons taught because they are so interesting. We plan to continue this method of teaching for all our children.

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