Cleanliness Week: Clean surroundings, healthy us!

In a bid to raise awareness and help our children understand the importance of cleanliness, we celebrated the Cleanliness Week. It was our attempt to show Mother Earth our gratitude and to promise that we will take care of her like she takes care of us. The Cleanliness Week is an extension of the Swachch Bharat, Swachch Vidyalaya Campaign run by the Government of India.

All the students at Presidency Kids participated actively in different activities throughout the week. The entire school was involved in the cleanliness drive. From simple hand washing to cleaning areas of the school, we conducted many different activities. Every class was allocated a part of the school to clean and take care of.

During these little deeds, the teachers also explained to the students, the importance of keeping our surroundings clean. One example was that of stagnant water. Why must we not let water stagnate? What happens when water is dirty? What are the ailments that stagnant water can cause? These are among the many questions that our teachers answered.

Further, we gave our children tips to continue the efforts and make small changes in their lives. Turning off the computer when it is not in use and brushing their teeth without leaving the tap on are a few of these tips. We also encouraged them to plant a tree every year.

It was delightful to see our PP1 students participate with much ardour and energy. They learned how important it is to keep our surroundings clean and took home useful tips and learnings from the week-long campaign.

We hope our children make it a habit of taking steps that help the environment. Every little step counts.

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