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Children need to be familiarized with the taste of fruits and vegetables from a young age to establish healthy habits later in life. With an objective to create and educate children about the importance and consumption of fruits in a regular diet, the tiny tots of PP1 celebrated ‘Rainbow Fruit Day’ on 27th Jan 2020, […]

Rainbow Fruit Day – Celebrating colours of food!

Identifying and understanding different shapes that surround us is an important mathematical milestone. This is where it all begins and the journey is simply magical! There is also a certain thrill in being able to point at an object and to identify it correctly. We at Presidency took this into consideration and planned “Shapes with […]

Learning shapes with food!

The idiom “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” holds true even for the young learners. “We at Presidency strongly believe that for the holistic development of a child, sports are equally important as academics.”, said our principal Mr.Pavana Kumar during our Annual Sports Day. The spirit of friendly competition comes alive […]

Sports Day!

Fruits are the best! Hence we organized Fruits Day for our Nursery tiny tots on 21st Dec 2019. The bright colours and juicy flavours of fruits always fascinate little ones. Thus, it became easy for us to tell them about the benefits of eating fruits. As we know fruits are packed with multiple nutrients that […]

Nursery Fruit Day