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Children may not like the idea of getting into their pyjamas and going straight to bed at home but being able to wear pyjamas to school is a thrill that cannot be expressed in words. So, the cackles of laughter and screams of excitement as children walked into school with their favorite toys, in their […]

Pyjama Party – When school became super fun!

What do children love doing when they are free? They love playing games. Now, despite having plenty of games at home, have your children ever complained that they are bored? That’s natural and happens because most of us, especially children do not have a long attention span. Children are inherently curious and highly energetic. They […]

One-minute game time for entertainment and engagement

Yellow – bright and beautiful, the color signifies many things including sunshine, glory, optimism, and enlightenment. It also stands for joy, positivity, intellect, and freshness. On 17th November, Presidency Kids celebrated Yellow Color Day to honor this lovely color and to find a fun way to teach children about it. The hidden purpose was to […]

Yellow Color Day – Celebrating the color of hope and ...

Dear Parents, We are sending this message to all parents to emphasise the importance of being in school on time as there have been three permissions granted to every child during each academic year. We have been excusing students arriving late to  school all over the first term by speaking personally to the parents. But we […]

Punctuality Guidelines

There’s no bigger joy than to see parents and children come together and enjoy themselves! And, the memories created in the process are simply priceless! To build many such memories, we celebrated Family Fun Evening 2018 in our school premises on 27th October. The response was amazing and we are glad we came up with […]

Parents + Kids + Playtime = Infinite fun!