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Children must understand how a community forms and who our community helpers are. This raises awareness about the various hands that make life easy for us. This is why we held the Community Helpers Day in our school for our PP2 children. On 14 December 2018, we encouraged our little ones to dress up as […]

Raising awareness about our community helpers

Imagine a world without the colour red. Apples would probably be blue, roses would be green, and our blood would be black, may be? Red colour, the colour of determination, courage, love, action, and strength is one of the three primary colours. You can mix it with green and blue to form numerous other colours! […]

Celebrating RED, the colour of courage and determination

We all know how important real-life experience is. It is through experience that we learn better and understand better. That is why, even in the classroom, we use various aids to encourage visual learning. In order to imbibe experience-based learning right from day 1, we at Presidency High School, take children on field-trips on a […]

PP1 Field trip – Giving children real-world experiences

We are officially launching the ‘Concerns’ feature on the MCB Parent App which brings us more close to our families. This feature helps us to hear to them more often than ever – all from the tip of your fingers! Here is a quick guide to help our families to use the new feature. How […]

Concerns Feature on MCB Parent app!

Playgroup is a lot of fun! Children explore new things, learn about the basics of various subjects, and discover new experiences. However, life at preschool doesn’t revolve around the names of colors, shapes, and letters. Life at preschool is about learning and laying the foundation for life! At Presidency Kids, we ensure that we never […]

Paint your way to happiness!

Children may not like the idea of getting into their pyjamas and going straight to bed at home but being able to wear pyjamas to school is a thrill that cannot be expressed in words. So, the cackles of laughter and screams of excitement as children walked into school with their favorite toys, in their […]

Pyjama Party – When school became super fun!

What do children love doing when they are free? They love playing games. Now, despite having plenty of games at home, have your children ever complained that they are bored? That’s natural and happens because most of us, especially children do not have a long attention span. Children are inherently curious and highly energetic. They […]

One-minute game time for entertainment and engagement

Yellow – bright and beautiful, the color signifies many things including sunshine, glory, optimism, and enlightenment. It also stands for joy, positivity, intellect, and freshness. On 17th November, Presidency Kids celebrated Yellow Color Day to honor this lovely color and to find a fun way to teach children about it. The hidden purpose was to […]

Yellow Color Day – Celebrating the color of hope and ...